Harmony with natural site; designs that follow the lay of the land

A sense of drama, and unfolding, as you approach the entry

Water features that enhance the entry experience

Low entry ceiling that opens up to larger volume

Rooms overlook garden focal points and outdoor sitting areas

Cantilevered beams and shelves that appear to defy gravity

Soffit lighting that, in evening, makes ceilings appear to float

"Reveals" or indentations between surfaces that define and separate materials. These elements create shadow lines that detail the architecture.

No moldings

Lighting and niches that showcase works of art

Shelves that move through windows and beyond to extend space

Leaded glass windows and doors designed by the architect

Ironwork, fireplace grates, pokers as accents

Interior ceiling "trellises" extend to the exterior to emphasize the relationship between interior and exterior space.

A sense of openness, with lots of natural light

Wood ceilings, floors and cabinetry

Recessed lights cast light through clear lids of glass to allow closets easy accessibility and additional ventilation.

A sense that the home is a three-dimensional work of art

A human scale that fits, rather than overwhelms, the home's inhabitants


Riegel/Gillespie Residence "The Wedge"
Photography Norm Applebaum