Arizona State University -- Tempe, Arizona
College of Architecture
Bachelor of Architecture, 1968

Appleby Entry Doors
Studies 1963-1968

Calvin Straub FAIA, Tempe, Arizona Residential Architect, Arizona State University
Paolo Soleri Architect, Scottsdale, Arizona Arcology
The Mega Structures

LICENSE STATUS California State Licensed Architect, 1972
DESIGN INFLUENCES Applebaum was personally influenced by some of Modernist architecture's greatest names. He studied under architectural visionary Paolo Soleri, was mentored by the late Calvin C. Straub FAIA, professor of the University of Southern California and Arizona State University Schools of Architecture, and became a friend of the late Cliff May, the master of the California Ranch House.
DESIGN PHILOSOPHY Taking the California Modern ideal of indoor-outdoor living in a highly individualized manner, Applebaum's timeless designs spring from Modernism's ideal of truth in function and materials. His Zen-like approach to the site respects nature. Believing that real architecture grows out of the land, he integrates his structures into the surroundings so that they blend harmoniously with the natural environment.  
DESIGN STYLE While his architectural style has best been described as Southern California Modernist, Applebaum's designs defy categorization. His elegant, stylish and sophisticated homes set the standard for contemporary California architecture. He has been called a designer of a "masterwork of craftsmanship, detail and drama" by Michael John Pittas, dean of the Parsons School of Design; and creator of the "quintessential San Diego home" by architecture critic and author Dirk Sutro.  

An Applebaum home takes on a sculptural form as cantilevered roof lines, clerestory glass and transparent interiors come together. Exposed structural steel and wooden beams support soaring ceilings that appear to float in space. Natural wood, concrete block and large expanses of glass embrace the outdoors, creating a sense of freedom. Interior spaces open into one another, creating an intriguing interplay between light and shadow.



Custom Residences

Roger Ellestad Residence, De Luz, California 2012
Richard C. Matheron Residence, Escondido, California 2009
The Starkman Residence, Fox Hollow,  Paso Robles, California  2007
The Kyles Residence, Cardiff, California  2007
The Estate, Rancho Santa Fe, California 1997 thru 2005
The Estate: Living quarters and Utility Barn
Hultman Residence, Alpine, California 2002
Richard Shapiro Residence, Rancho Santa Fe, California 2003
Robert Shapiro Residence, Cornelia, Georgia 2002
Susynski Residence, June Lake, California 1998
Bateman Guest House, Rancho Santa Fe, California 1997
Mueller Residence, Kensington, San Diego, California 1996
Ellis Residence, Annapolis, Maryland 1994
Bateman Residence, Rancho Santa Fe, California 1994
Riegel/Gillespie Residence, Sycamore Canyon, California 1994
Matheron Guest House, Escondido, California 1993
Matheron Residence, Escondido, California 1991
Brown Residence, Fairbanks Ranch, California 1988
Summers Residence, Rancho Santa Fe, California 1988
McElliot Residence, Scripps Ranch, California 1988
Druckman Residence, La Jolla, California 1987
Gould Residence, Ephiram, Wisconsin 1987
Hargarten Residence, Green Valley Highlands, California 1985
Shaevitz Residence, Fairbanks Ranch, California 1984
Haimsohn Residence, Point Loma, California 1983
Slonim Residence, Rancho Bernardo, California 1981
Appleby Residence, Escondido, California 1978
DeGenaro Residence, La Jolla, California 1977
Schmitt Residence, Mission Hills, California 1976


Jim Plank Residence, Del Cerro, California 2011
Jerri Stringer and Ralph Hughes, San Diego, California 2011
Jeff Styers Residence, Escondido, California 2009
John Griffin Residence, Del Mar, California 2007
Jim Plank Residence, Del Cerro, California 2006
Bruce Davidison Residence, Coronado, California 2006
Nolan Penn Residence, La Jolla, California 2006
Ellen James Residence, La Jolla, California 2005
Kim Blickenstaff Residence, El Cajon, California 2004
Haluza Residence, Escondido, California 2003
John Kernan Residence, Point Loma, California 2003
Grauer Residence, Del Mar, California 2001
Dennison Residence, Point Loma, California 2000
Roth/Shapira Residence, Point Loma, California 1999
Nute Residence, Point Loma, California 1997
Neely Residence, Mission Hills, California 1997
McIntyre Residence, La Jolla, California 1997
Jonathan Sackier, Del Mar, California 1995
Mary Austin, Palomar, CA 1995
Fong Residence, Pacific Beach, California 1994
Mary Barringer Residence, La Jolla, California 1994
Irene Allis Residence, La Jolla, California 1993
Gary Brown Residence, Kensington, San Diego, California 1993
Applebaum Residence, Kensington, San Diego, California 1993
Peter Darby Residence, Escondido, California 1992
White Residence, La Jolla, California 1988
Charles Brown Residence, Del Mar, California 1986
Brimm Residence, La Jolla, California 1986
Shapiro Residence, La Jolla, California 1985
Kurlander Residence, La Jolla, California 1981
Ford Residence, Point Loma, California 1979
Wolf Residence, Point Loma, California 1975
Leinow Residence, Pacific Beach, California 1975
Seabold Triplex, Pacific Beach, California 1974
Krichman Residence, Escondido, California 1974
George Residence, Rancho Bernardo, California 1974
Seabold Residence, El Cajon, California 1973
Gaelen Residence, La Jolla, California 1972
Earley Residence, Pacific Beach, California 1972


Four Points Hotel, San Diego California, Interior Design,
Remodel and Additions 1996-1997

Rancho Santa Fe Tennis Clubhouse, New Facilities
Rancho Santa Fe, California 1992

Kawasaki, Theilacker, Ueno & Associates, Landscape Architects
San Diego, California 1979

Park West Realty, Mission Hills, California 1975


American Institute of Architects San Diego Chapter’s
2018 Robert Mosher Lifetime Achievement Award
(Watch and listen to the presentation )
St. Paul’s Cathedral – Great Hall, San Diego
October 18th, 2018

San Diego Magazine 50 People to Watch, January 1998

Lillian Rice Award, 'The Lily'
Rancho Santa Fe Tennis Clubhouse 1994

Commendation for Outstanding Design
Rancho Santa Fe Association 1992

San Diego Magazine, People to Watch, January 1987

San Diego Home/Garden Magazine, Home of the Year
Overall Grand Winner, Appleby Residence, February 1986

A Gazebo at Seagrove Park, Overall Winner
City of Del Mar architectural competition
Del Mar, California 1975


"Down to Earth with Dagmar" segment (See video Watch video)
"Couple Shows Energy Efficiency in Heatwave"
September 18, 2014

The Joe Lizura Interview (See video Watch video)
Tour of the Norm Applebaum Studio, Mt Helix/La Mesa, California
December 15, 2009

HGTV Homes Across America
Show #'s 404, 408, 411
October, November, December 2000

Discovery Channel
Design, Lynette Jennings
Show #'s 335-55, November 1999
Matheron, Appleby, October & November 2001

NBC Channel 7/39 San Diego's Most Beautiful Homes
May 12 & 14, 1997



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Norm Applebaum Architect Designs a Luminous Residence
in Southern California
"Suncatch" Featured May 21, 2020

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"Suncatch" / Norm Applebaum Architect
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(In the works): Paul Finch, editor, Architectural Review, London, article about The Estate


(In the works): Robert Ivy FAIA, editor, Architectural Record, New York, article about The Estate

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South Coast Style

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Eye For Art
Survey of the architect's work and discussion
San Diego, California
November 13, 2013

Docent Lecture
San Diego Museum Of Art, Copley Auditorium, Balboa Park.
San Diego, California
"Spirit As An Expression Of New Architecture"
March 16, 2012

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Grossmont Health Care Center at Briercrest Park Auditoium
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Bozeman, Montana
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The Richard C. Matheron Residence, Escondido, California
A history of the project from Design, Ground Breaking, Topping Off and
House Warming.
April 2012


Mingei Museum, Directors Circle tour of the Norm Applebaum Architectural Studio
Mt. Helix/La Mesa, California
May 2, 2011

McIntyre/Baron Residence
La Jolla, California
Home tour for 80 with Architect Norm Applebaum AIA
October 19, 2006
Presented by University of San Diego
Compass Family Center at USD

The Estate, "Suncatch", Rancho Santa Fe, California
Sunday, August 27, 2006
Patrons of the Prado
Architecture Tour and Reception with Norm Applebaum Architect

The Estate, "Suncatch", Rancho Santa Fe, California
Sunday, May 21, 2006
Mingei International Museum's Twenty Eighth Anniversary
Honoring Martha Longenecker, Founding President and Director Emerita
Sunset Dinner & Celebration
Chaired by Suzanne and Norm Applebaum AIA

The Estate, Rancho Sante Fe, California
October 5, 2004
Raymond Kappe, Architect
Shelly Kappe, Architectural Critic and Writer
Kappe Studio
Robert Mosher, Architect
Founder of Architects Mosher, Drew, Watson and Ferguson

The Estate, Rancho Santa Fe, California
November 22, 2003
Martha Longenecker, Founder and Director of the Mingei Internation Museum,
San Diego, California
Mira Nakashima-Yarnall, Nakashima Woodworkers, New Hope, Pennsylvania
John Yarnall, Woodworker, Nakashima Woodworkers

ASID Remodel Tour, June 2002
McIntyre Residence, La Jolla, California

The Estate, Rancho Santa Fe, California
Raymond Kappe, Architect,
Founder and Past Dean of the Southern California Institute of Architecture
Los Angeles, California
November 2002
Construction phase

The Estate, San Diego Home/Garden Lifestyles,
Editor and videographer Wayne Carlson, and writer Debra Baldwin
November 2002
Construction phase

Matheron Residence, Women in Architecture, Tour of 100
With Barbara Carlton, Architect and President of Women in Architecture


Fine Art
Photography, Sculpture, Painting

Trombone, Los Angeles Music Conservatory and Private Studies
James Stamp, Brass Instructor 1956-1958

San Diego Jazz School and Private Studies
Hal Crook, Brass Instructor 1984

Private Studies, George Roberts, Brass Instructor 1994

Singer, San Diego Master Chorale, San Diego Opera Chorus

San Diego Symphony

Jazz musicians the architect has played with:
Stan Kenton
Les McCann
Jack Sheldon
Dick Hyde
Dick Shearer
Peter Sprague
Nick Martinis

Board of Directors San Diego Master Chorale 1981-2000
San Diego State University Art Council, 1984

Horticultural Society of San Diego County
San Diego County Orchid Society
San Diego County Succulent and Cactus Society
San Diego Bonsai Club

Leaded Glass
All leaded glass designed by the architect with fabrication by
Jeff Dalrymple of Antofte Studio, San Diego, California